Atlantic City, New Jersey, is often regarded as a smaller and less dazzling version of the famous gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. This is an unfair comparison because while it is true that nothing compares to the mighty Las Vegas, Atlantic City has something Vegas can only dream of having. The Ocean!

You see, unlike Vegas which is located in a desert, Atlantic City is adjacent to the Atlantic. This means that while activities in Nevada are mostly limited to the slots and tables, those in New Jersey are not. Atlantic City’s proximity to the ocean makes it possible for anyone who has traveled there to engage in other fun activities besides gambling . This is the secret to its popularity and charm. Here are 4 such great things to do.

1. Taking a Walk on the Iconic Boardwalk

A stroll on the famous boardwalk should be at the top of your list of things to do when in Atlantic City. This 4-mile long piece of history is close to 150 years old and was initially built to keep sand out of buildings adjacent to the beach. It has since transformed into the city’s most recognizable landmark. On your stroll, you will get the chance to do everything from shopping, fishing, surfing and gambling if you are so inclined.

2. Visiting the Absecon Lighthouse

The next activity on your list should be a trip to the historic Absecon Lighthouse. This 17 stories tall structure is one of the oldest in the city and predates the boardwalk by a decade. You will be pleased to learn that it is not only the third tallest lighthouse in the country, it also bears the distinction of being the only one in New Jersey that still has its original lens working.

3. Visiting the Steel Pier

A visit to the Steel Pier should also be in order. Despite its austere name, the 1,000 foot long Pier is actually Atlantic City’s premier amusement park. It is a great attraction for families and you will not lack some fun activity to engage in. There is everything you can expect from a park of its nature such as food kiosks, an arcade, fun rides, a Ferris wheel and more.

4. Hitting the Beach

Your visit to Atlantic City will not be complete without visiting its popular beaches. You will find the combination of sun, sand, breeze and surf simply irresistible. While there, you have the choice of swimming in the surf, basking in the sun while you gamble an online casino on your phone, kayaking, surfing or embarking on a cruise. The beauty of the beaches is that they are only a stone's throw away from a restaurant, casino, cafe or hotel.

Atlantic City is Worth a Visit

For an underrated city, Atlantic City is still a beautiful, fun, relaxing and most importantly, different place to visit. It not only offers the hotels, resorts and casinos of its bigger sibling Las Vegas, it also throws in an assortment of fun things to do, fun places to visit and most of all, an ocean to make your playground. From visiting the historic boardwalk, the city's old lighthouse, a casino, the amusement park or the beach, you will never lack something to do or a place to go.This city is definitely worth visiting.