To an ordinary visitor, Atlantic City is nothing more than a wild resort city on the New Jersey’s Atlantic coast. However, there is so much that the city is known for. To begin with, the city is a multicultural utopia and all those who have visited it would easily attribute the hospitality of the residents to the fact that Atlantic City is a collection of people from different races, with almost an equal representation of all the world’s major ethnicities. Additionally, there are those who specifically fell in love with the architectural marvels of the city’s skyscrapers, not to mention the breathtaking landscape and all. However, forget what you have heard or experienced about this city and read on to discover just how much its nightlife has to offer.

Explore The Streets

The first thing that characterizes the nightlife in Atlantic City is of course the lively streets. The beauty of these streets is influenced, not only by the beautiful architecture of the city’s majestic buildings but also the constantly flashing lights that create an aura of paradise. Have you had enough of the streets? Not until you have experienced the beautiful afterglow as the sun’s rays recede into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving behind a charming but fading light in its wake. All you have to do to behold this beauty is get to some vantage point, be it atop a building or any other raised ground.

Dine Like A King

Another great thing that characterizes the nightlife in Atlantic City is an unforgettable dining experience. The city abounds in bars and restaurants that operate through the night to ensure you never miss something to bite on or a glass of your favorite drink. If local stuff is what catches your fancy, then you might want to troop to joints such as the Atlantic City Bar and Grill for some exquisite dining experience. The city also features exotic cuisines for those who wish to remain true to their heritage and one such place is the Assaggio Italian Restaurant so check in here and experience a little slice of Rome. Perhaps the good thing is that no matter which part of the world you are from, you will always find a bar or restaurant that serves dishes and wines that represents your roots.

Gamble and Gamble Some More

What could a night spent in Atlantic City be without sparing some time to gamble? Simply put, dull and boring. The city is famed for its many gambling spots and this should by all means characterize its nightlife. There is so much to experience as far as gambling goes and whether you are one who favors gambling at slot machines or table games, one thing is for sure –you can never go wrong with an additional spa treatment to your gambling experience. There are many spots such as the Borgata Hotel and Casino Spa that offer these and much more. Look to these joints to add an extra flair to your gambling time by treating you to some comedy and music acts, just so you wish the night away n the most remarkable ways. Well, since you may only be an amateur gambler but care about getting the best out of the game, we would recommend visiting this site [ ] so you may understand how professionals do it and pick a few tips for your next night experience in Atlantic City.

Care for Some Beach Party?

It is never a good idea to hang around the beach at night but how about one that features a bar and restaurant? Bally’s Beach Bar is just one of the places in the city that makes the idea of sticking around a beach at night a welcome one. I would recommend visiting when the moon is up and as you sample the wide assortment of drinks served by this bar. The sight of the enchanting Atlantic Ocean will make you understand that life is as it should be.

Whenever your dreams take you to Atlantic City, never miss an opportunity to experience its nightlife. While you will develop a personal touch with the city’s nightlife, one thing is for sure – you will always die for a second treat.

The thought of Atlantic City brings the picture of slot machines and neon signs or the best beaches in the state and family friendly boardwalk. Whether you are Atlantic City for the cruising or party, some of the best things to do from the beach to the casino run from gambling to dining at the best steak houses or shopping at some of the best outlets. If you are planning on making a trip to Atlantic City, here are some of the best things to do that will keep you full entertained.

Gambling at some of the best casinos

Atlantic City is home to some of the best casinos with everything from table games like poker, roulette and blackjack to slots. People’s favorites include the casinos at Borgata, Caesars Atlantic City, Bally and Resorts due to their clean environment, attentive service not to mention a wide variety of gaming options. 

Resort casino hotel is located just off the boardwalk along the northern end of Atlantic City near Steer Pier while Bally’s while Caesars are located close to the Boardwalk. Borgata Hotel Casino and spa, one of the most luxurious casino in Atlantic City is located two miles from the boardwalk and it is home to great eateries. All these casinos are located in the center of the town hence easily accessible and they are open 24 hours a day.

Relax and recover on the beaches

If you not visiting Atlantic City to gamble, chances are that you want to relax on the beaches. The beaches here are soft with soft camel hued sand and very clean. The waves in the Atlantic Ocean are perfect for body boarding, wave jumping and boogie boarding for the young ones while adults can relax in the beach chairs or take a walk along the flat terrain near the beach.

On site facilities include changing rooms, showers and water lifeguards are always on duty form 10 a.m. - 6p.m.

Enjoy a fine dining at the best restaurant 

Famous for its top notch Italian restaurants, Atlantic City is home a variety of menu restaurant options from celebrity chef destinations to well known chain eateries. The many standalone restaurants and City hotels offer everything you will need from lobster and prime rib to burgers and best tacos.

Dry southwest of the city to see Lucy Margate elephant

Although located almost 5 miles Southwest of Atlantic City, the long drive is well worth it. Lucy Margate elephant is six story tall and 90 ton that it was built in 1881 to help attract homebuyers to the area. It is now a Historic landmarks and a great place to visit with your family. For a great view of the Atlantic Ocean, you can climb on Lucy’s howdah or tour her interiors which was once a restaurant.

Take a boardwalk

Boardwalk is not named after the wooden plants. This name was obtained from its inventor, Alexander Boardman. He developed this walkway in early 1870 and it has remained a hot spot since then. Boardwalk is four miles long, it runs along the shore line and it is lined with restaurants, bras, shops and park style games. 



Despite being a relatively small city in the East Coast, the Atlantic City is the second largest gambling center in U.S. The city offers all kinds of excitement, fun, and entertainment. So, what are some of the cool facts you don’t know about the Atlantic City? Well, read on to find out.

Has One Of The Longest Boardwalk In The World

The Atlantic City’s boardwalk was actually the very first one to have ever been built in the United States. Its construction took place in 1870, and it cost budget was only $5,000. At its opening, the boardwalk was about 8 feet wide and one mile long. It now spans 5.75 miles and runs through Ventnor. There is a time when it stretched more than 7 miles long. But this was reduced by the 1944 hurricane.

Its “Casino” Reputation Is Just 38 Years Old

It is fair to assume that the Atlantic City has always been a gambling destination. However, it wasn’t until 1978 that the city had its first casino – the Resorts Atlantic City. Before that, the city was popular for its hospitable tourist resorts.

Boasts Of The Largest Elephant Tower; Which Is Older Than Eiffel Tower

The elephant building is commonly referred as “Lucy the Elephant” and it is 6-story high. Visitors get to climb the building so they may have a 360-degree view of the city. The best thing about this elephant building is the fact that it is older than both the Eifel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

The City Is On An Island

Not many people know that the Atlantic City is on an island. Absecom Island is the name of this island, which also hosts oceanfront communities of Longport, Margaret, and Ventnor. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the Atlantic City, understand that you’ll be visiting an island.

Hotels Let You Gamble From The Comfort Of Your Bed

Since it is known for its gambling, the Atlantic City has hotels that allow guests place bets while still in their pajamas and hotel robes. All you need is to have a player’s card, which is a requirement when setting an online gambling account, and then go ahead with your slots and video poker gaming.

The First Oceanside Amusement Park Was Built Here

The Atlantic City is proud of having the oldest and the world’s first Oceanside amusement park. The park is called Ocean Pier, and it was built in 1882. This park is filled with eateries, fishing areas, casinos, and several other gaming establishments.

The Game Monopoly Was Invented In Atlantic City

Believe it or not, it is in this city where the game Monopoly originated from. The first few versions of the game were hand-made. At first, it was a common game among the locals, and it existed for more than quarter a century before it was mass-produced by the Parker Brothers Company.

It Has a Town Named Ducktown – Its Naming Inspired By Rearing Of Ducks

This small town in Atlantic City derives its name from the fact that its residents used to rear ducks and fowls in their backyards. However, the modern Ducktown is now famous for being the Little Italy of Atlantic City. Also, majority of businesses are owned by individuals with strong Italian ties.

Final Thoughts

Basically, the Atlantic City is an amazing place to visit, especially if you are a sucker for a Las Vegas-like experience.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, is often regarded as a smaller and less dazzling version of the famous gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. This is an unfair comparison because while it is true that nothing compares to the mighty Las Vegas, Atlantic City has something Vegas can only dream of having. The Ocean!

You see, unlike Vegas which is located in a desert, Atlantic City is adjacent to the Atlantic. This means that while activities in Nevada are mostly limited to the slots and tables, those in New Jersey are not. Atlantic City’s proximity to the ocean makes it possible for anyone who has traveled there to engage in other fun activities besides gambling . This is the secret to its popularity and charm. Here are 4 such great things to do.

1. Taking a Walk on the Iconic Boardwalk

A stroll on the famous boardwalk should be at the top of your list of things to do when in Atlantic City. This 4-mile long piece of history is close to 150 years old and was initially built to keep sand out of buildings adjacent to the beach. It has since transformed into the city’s most recognizable landmark. On your stroll, you will get the chance to do everything from shopping, fishing, surfing and gambling if you are so inclined.

2. Visiting the Absecon Lighthouse

The next activity on your list should be a trip to the historic Absecon Lighthouse. This 17 stories tall structure is one of the oldest in the city and predates the boardwalk by a decade. You will be pleased to learn that it is not only the third tallest lighthouse in the country, it also bears the distinction of being the only one in New Jersey that still has its original lens working.

3. Visiting the Steel Pier

A visit to the Steel Pier should also be in order. Despite its austere name, the 1,000 foot long Pier is actually Atlantic City’s premier amusement park. It is a great attraction for families and you will not lack some fun activity to engage in. There is everything you can expect from a park of its nature such as food kiosks, an arcade, fun rides, a Ferris wheel and more.

4. Hitting the Beach

Your visit to Atlantic City will not be complete without visiting its popular beaches. You will find the combination of sun, sand, breeze and surf simply irresistible. While there, you have the choice of swimming in the surf, basking in the sun while you gamble an online casino on your phone, kayaking, surfing or embarking on a cruise. The beauty of the beaches is that they are only a stone's throw away from a restaurant, casino, cafe or hotel.

Atlantic City is Worth a Visit

For an underrated city, Atlantic City is still a beautiful, fun, relaxing and most importantly, different place to visit. It not only offers the hotels, resorts and casinos of its bigger sibling Las Vegas, it also throws in an assortment of fun things to do, fun places to visit and most of all, an ocean to make your playground. From visiting the historic boardwalk, the city's old lighthouse, a casino, the amusement park or the beach, you will never lack something to do or a place to go.This city is definitely worth visiting.