The thought of Atlantic City brings the picture of slot machines and neon signs or the best beaches in the state and family friendly boardwalk. Whether you are Atlantic City for the cruising or party, some of the best things to do from the beach to the casino run from gambling to dining at the best steak houses or shopping at some of the best outlets. If you are planning on making a trip to Atlantic City, here are some of the best things to do that will keep you full entertained.

Gambling at some of the best casinos

Atlantic City is home to some of the best casinos with everything from table games like poker, roulette and blackjack to slots. People’s favorites include the casinos at Borgata, Caesars Atlantic City, Bally and Resorts due to their clean environment, attentive service not to mention a wide variety of gaming options. 

Resort casino hotel is located just off the boardwalk along the northern end of Atlantic City near Steer Pier while Bally’s while Caesars are located close to the Boardwalk. Borgata Hotel Casino and spa, one of the most luxurious casino in Atlantic City is located two miles from the boardwalk and it is home to great eateries. All these casinos are located in the center of the town hence easily accessible and they are open 24 hours a day.

Relax and recover on the beaches

If you not visiting Atlantic City to gamble, chances are that you want to relax on the beaches. The beaches here are soft with soft camel hued sand and very clean. The waves in the Atlantic Ocean are perfect for body boarding, wave jumping and boogie boarding for the young ones while adults can relax in the beach chairs or take a walk along the flat terrain near the beach.

On site facilities include changing rooms, showers and water lifeguards are always on duty form 10 a.m. - 6p.m.

Enjoy a fine dining at the best restaurant 

Famous for its top notch Italian restaurants, Atlantic City is home a variety of menu restaurant options from celebrity chef destinations to well known chain eateries. The many standalone restaurants and City hotels offer everything you will need from lobster and prime rib to burgers and best tacos.

Dry southwest of the city to see Lucy Margate elephant

Although located almost 5 miles Southwest of Atlantic City, the long drive is well worth it. Lucy Margate elephant is six story tall and 90 ton that it was built in 1881 to help attract homebuyers to the area. It is now a Historic landmarks and a great place to visit with your family. For a great view of the Atlantic Ocean, you can climb on Lucy’s howdah or tour her interiors which was once a restaurant.

Take a boardwalk

Boardwalk is not named after the wooden plants. This name was obtained from its inventor, Alexander Boardman. He developed this walkway in early 1870 and it has remained a hot spot since then. Boardwalk is four miles long, it runs along the shore line and it is lined with restaurants, bras, shops and park style games.